1  a My life is reasonably under control.
     b There's always a lot going on in my life.
     c  My life is a constant stream of crises I never get on top of.
     d  I'm so overwhelmed I don't know what to do.

2  a  I readily get into all my activities. When I'm around things get done.
     b  It takes some effort starting things, but then I'm into it.
     c  It's a mission to do anything. Even small tasks exhaust me.
     d  I'm too exhausted to do much of anything.

3  a  I can easily concentrate on tasks and pay attention to details.
    b  At times I can get distracted or drift off.
    c  It takes a lot of energy to concentrate on a task. I'm always            either drifting off or distracted by noise around me.
    d  I just can't concentrate on anything. It's too much effort. I get                distracted, forget what I was doing, and think I'm useless.

4  a  I feel positive.
    b  Sometimes I feel a bit sad and flat.
    c  I'm sad all the time. Nothing cheers me up.
    d  I am so depressed and flat I just want it to stop.

5  a  My appetite is fine.
    b  Food doesn't interest me much. / I often seem to be eating.
    c  I often forget to eat. / I always seem to be eating.
    d  I have to force myself to eat. / I crave food and eat compulsively.

6  a   I am confident about the future.
    b   I'm uncertain about how the future will turn out.
    c   I have nothing good to look forward to, only more of the same.
    d   My future is hopeless. Things will only get worse.

7  a   I'm pretty easy going. Nothing really bothers me.
     b   Lately things seem to annoy or irritate me.
     c   I'm constantly irritated or angry. Nothing goes smoothly.
     d   I don't seem to have the energy to get annoyed anymore.

8   a  I get on well with authority figures.
      b  Sometimes I think I might be punished but I don't know why.
      c   I expect authority figures will punish me.
      d  Maybe all the bad things that happen in my life are God or the              universe punishing me. I just wish I knew what I'd done wrong.

  9  a   I think I look cool.
      b   I wonder if I am looking old or unattractive.
      c   People think I'm unattractive.
      d   I'm ugly.

10  a  I get satisfaction and enjoyment out of the things I do.
       b  I don't enjoy things the way I used to.
       c   Even when I do something well it doesn't seem worth the effort.
       d  I'm fed up and bored with life.

11  a   I have nothing to feel guilty about.
       b   Sometimes I feel guilty, like I've done something wrong but I don't
             know what it is.
       c  I feel guilty a lot. Like I'm responsible for the bad things that                            happen to people around me.
       d   I constantly feel guilty.  My being alive causes trouble for others.

12  a   I'm up with the play and onto it.
       b  Sometimes I might be a bit tired or under pressure and I have to                       pause and sort my thoughts out.
       c  Often I feel I'm not thinking straight and get a bit confused.
       d  My thinking is so muddled I just can't sort things out or find              solutions to even small problems and I feel really stupid.

13  a  I sleep well.
       b  I don't sleep as well as I used to.
       c  I wake up early and can't get back to sleep. /
           I seem to need a lot of sleep and find it hard to get up.
       d  I only sleep a few hours then lie awake for hours. /
            I just want to sleep all the time.  It's too hard to get up.

14  a I'm reasonably successful.
       b  I've have failed more than most people.
       c  I've failed a lot in my life. No matter how hard I try things go wrong.
       d  there's no point trying anymore. I'm a weak, useless looser.

15  a  I like myself as a person.
       b  I criticize myself for my weaknesses and mistakes.
       c  I don't like myself. There's so much wrong with me that the good               bits don't count,
       d  I hate myself.

16  a  I can make decisions.
       b  I put off making decisions now if I can.
       c   Nowadays making decisions is really difficult for me.
       d   Making decisions is just too hard and complicated.

17  a  I feel okay about being alive.
       b   I would like to go to sleep and not wake up.
       c  I think about killing myself and how I would do it.
       d  I have a clear plan to kill myself and the means to do it if I need to.

18  a  I am interested in people and what they're up to.
       b  I seem to be loosing interest in people. They're getting boring.
       c  I'm just can't be bothered with people and their problems.
       d   People don't seem to matter anymore.

19  a   My sex drive is fairly normal.
       b My sex drive is OK. At times I'm a bit busy or tired to think about it.
       c   It takes a lot to get me interested in sex.
       d  Thoughts of sex just don't enter my head.

20  a  I can manage my emotions well.
       b   Sometimes when I'm low I might smoke, drink, or take medication.
       c  I often use substances to help raise my mood.
       d  I depend on alcohol, cigarettes, medication or drugs to ease                  depression.

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