Thorndon  Explorer  Series

  • These tools are intended as a clinical tool to be used primarily by experienced therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists,  to assist  clients in therapy.

  • The tools have been developed over a period of many years. They have been constructed from  clinical perspective, and not from the standard statistical questionnaire models. While clinical observation and use of other  scales have been found to produce similar levels of  severity, the tools have not been normalized against others, as they are primarily a subjective and exploratory devices.

  • The toolsare designed to reveal the general level and type of depressive and anxiety symptomology  as subjectively experienced  by the client at the time of the administration.

  • Clients are encouraged to choose the option they feel fits them. The choice is up to the client.

  • The primary purpose is not to provide the experienced therapist with a 'number', but as a means to facilitate clients: recognizing their symptoms and severity; understanding that these symptoms are related to depression and anxiety; understanding that the symptoms are well documented in  patients; acceptance that these symptoms are  not abnormal in the world; trust that the symptoms are familiar to the clinician. That is, normalize the symptoms  with regard to a depressive episode or anxiou state.

  • This then provides the client with a containing framework within which to understand, monitor, and manage the condition. The symptoms are no longer hidden, minimized, or ruminated over with concern that they indicate the client is weird, weak, or is going 'mad'.

  • The therapist can observe the client's choices and compare those with other aspects of the client's presentation to note inconsistencies. The therapist can then utilize this information, if  deemed clinical desirable, during the therapy process.

  • The tool can be used on a regular basis to reveal patterns of change in the symptoms as experienced by the client.

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